Living Bible Studies

Who is Living Bible Studies?

Located in Abilene, Texas, Living Bible Studies is an outreach ministry of Abilene Bible Church, dedicated to the distribution of Bible studies in print and on audio cassette. The studies are produced by a largely volunteer group of believers from lessons taught at Abilene Bible Church by Dr. Joe Temple, Tim Temple, and Dr. Daiqing Yuan. The ministry began recording in the early 1960's and now has approximately 3,000 studies on tape and about 1,500 in print.

What We Do

The Bible studies are usually taught in a series of lessons that focus on one of the books of the Bible, a Bible doctrine, or a related topic. From the recorded inventory, a selected series of lessons is placed in print. These lessons are mailed, one every two weeks, to a list of people who have requested that their names be placed on our mailing list. This mailing list serves over 800 people in 50 states and 38 foreign countries.

Orders for recordings on CD-ROM and requests for studies previously placed in print are handled on an individual basis. A catalog of studies is also available by request. Studies are available in the following categories: Books of the Bible, Doctrinal Studies, Topical Studies and Miscellaneous Lessons.

How To Order

If you would like your name added to our mailing list, or if you would like to place an order, please write to: Living Bible Studies, P.O. Box 833, Abilene, TX 79604 or call (325) 677-8653.

Giving Guide

Living Bible Studies is supported by freewill offerings, and we offer a giving guide only, believing that the work will be enlarged or reduced by the funds provided as the LORD burdens His people to support and care for the needs of this ministry. A gift of $5 per CD-ROM and $0.55 per printed lesson covers the costs of operation, production, and distribution.

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