Daniel, Mathew, and Revelation
Dr. Daiqing Yuan
2) May 14 Introduction to the Book of Daniel
2) May 21 Introduction to the Book of Daniel
5) Jun 18 The Example of Daniel's Three Friends
6) Jun 25 Nebuchadnezzars's Bovinization
7) Jul 2 Belshazzar and the Writing on the Wall
8) Jul 9 How to Face the Roaring Lions
9) Jul 16 The Vision of the Four Beasts
10) Jul 23 The Vision of the Two Beasts
11) Jul 30 A Portrait of the Little Antichrist
12) Aug 6 How to Remove Ancestral Curse
13) Aug 13 The 70 Weeks of Daniel
14) Aug 20 A History of Bending Prophecy
15) Aug 27 A History of Trying to Make Sense
16) Sep 3 Evaluation of Interpretations
17) Sep 10 Spiritual Warfare Behind the First Return
18) Sep 17 A Truncated History of Persia
19) Sep 24 The Kings of the North and South
20) Oct 1 The Actions of the Minor Antagonist
21) Oct 8 The Actions of the Antichrist

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