The Five Pillars of Matthew
Dr. Daiqing Yuan
5) Dec 3 Why Should We Seek for Perfection?
6) Dec 10 Why Should We Be Merciful?
7) Dec 17 How Can We Have a Pure Heart
8) Jan 14 How Can We Become Peacemakers?
9) Jan 21 The Guaranty of Going to Heaven
10) Jan 28 The Sending of the Twelve
11) Feb 4 Preaching the Unwelcomed Kingdom
12) Feb 11 Trusting in the Power of Truth
13) Feb 18 The Parable of the Sower
14) Feb 25 The Parable of the Tares
15) Mar 4 The Parable of the Tares, Part II
16) Mar 11 Kingdom Life and the Beatitudes
17) Mar 18 Parables for the Pure in Heart

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