Dr. Joe Temple
1 Introduction
2 Call Unto the Lord
3 Leader's Preparation by Mankind
4 Leader's Preparation by God
5 Moses' Examination
6 God's Providence
7 Moses' Appearance Before Pharoah
8 Pharoah's Preparation: The Hardening of Pharoah's Heart
9 Plagues of Egypt
10 The Passover
11 Accompaniments of Passover - Part I: Feast of Unleavened Bread
12 Accompaniments of Passover - Part II: Consecration of Firstborn
13 God's Leadership - Part I: First Four Principles
14 God's Leadership - Part II: Other Four Principles
15 Song of Moses - God's Redemption
16 God's Leadership in Bitter Waters
17 Manna - The Word of God
18 God Meets the Need: The Rock and the Rod
19 The Christian's Battle
20 Full of Carnality
21 The Setting for the Law
22 The Giving of the Commandments
23 The Purpose of Giving the Law
24 Should God Come First or What is Your Idol?
25 How Do You Use God's Name?
26 Are Blue Laws Scriptural?
27 How to Live a Long Life
28 What is Murder?
29 Is Wife Swapping Scriptural?
30 Stop Thief!
31 Should You Speak With a Forked Tongue?
32 Why Should You Not Have What Your Neighbor Has?
33 Christ - Our Mediator
34 Book of the Covenant
35 Christ - Our Bondslave
36 Moses in the Cloud - Part I
37 Moses in the Cloud - Part II
38 Table of Stone Rewritten
39 Moses - A Type of Christ
40 The Tabernacle as a Literal Building
41 The Tabernacle in Type
42 The Architect of the Tabernacle
43 Law
44 Pot of Manna
45 Aaron's Rod
46 Material Used
47 The Mercy Seat
48 The Altar of Incense
49 The Table of Shewbread
50 The Golden Candlestick
51 The Seven-Branched Candlestick
52 The Laver
53 The Brazen Altaar
54 The Fence of the Courtyard
55 Framework of the Tabernacle
56 Coverings and Curtains
57 Three Entrances: Gate, Door, Vail
58 Preparation to Move
59 Preparation for Service
60 The Linen Breeches
61 The Linen Coat and Girdle
62 The Robe of the Ephod
63 The Ephod and Curious Girdle
64 The Breastplate of Judgment
65 Stones of the Breastplate
66 Urim and Thummim
67 The Mitre
68 Sin Offering

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