Dr. Joe Temple
1 Introduction
2 Lessons for Wisdom
3 Wisdom's Plea
4 Search for Wisdom
5 Trust And Obey
6 Chastening And Wisdom
7 Wisdom And Fear
8 An Autobiographical Sketch
9 Shun Evil Paths
10 Cleave To That Which is Good
11 Sex Relationships
12 The Cords of Sin
13 The Sin of Adultery
14 The Ways of the Prostitute
15 The Personification of Wisdom
16 Wisdom - the Companion of God
17 The House That Wisdom Built
18 The Personal Proverbs of Solomon
19 Solomon's Evaluation of the Home
20 The Home And Its Discipline
21 The Wicked And the Just
22 Abomination Or Delight
23 Contempt for the Word of God
24 The Sluggard
25 The Fear of the Lord
26 The Mouth
27 The Lips And the Tongue
28 The Heart
29 God's Overruling Providence
30 A Time To Keep Silent
31 The Principle of Committal
32 The Difference Christ Makes
33 The Folly of Pride
34 The Upright And the Wicked
35 The Rich And the Poor
36 Drunkenness
37 The Spirit of Man
38 The Candle of the Lord
39 The Blessing of the Lord
40 The Doctrine of Recompense
41 Wisdom of Soul Winning
42 The Fining Pot
43 Proverbs of the Wise I
44 Proverbs of the Wise II
45 Proverbs of the Wise III
46 The Value of Family Training
47 Three Kinds of Company To Avoid
48 The Pleasant Riches of Wisdom's House
49 Words of the Wise Another Collection - Part I
50 Words of the Wise Another Collection - Part II
51 The Gleanings of Hezekiah's Men
52 Litigation
53 Similes
54 Forbearance
55 Enemies And Personality Weakness
56 The Book of Fools
57 The Book of Sluggards
58 Book of Scoundrels
59 Right Attitudes
60 Right Relationships Part I
61 Right Relationships Part II
62 Right Relationships Part III
63 Practical Righteousness Part I
64 Practical Righteousness Part II
65 Practical Righteousness Part III
66 The Power of Righteousness
67 The Words of Agur
68 Four Generations
69 The Winning of A Maid
70 Illustrations of Four Things
71 The Words of King Lemuel
72 The Perfect Wife

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