The Lordship of Christ in the Local Church
Tim Temple
1 The Kind of Church that Has Problems
2 Divisions in the Church
3 The Danger of Fan Clubs
4 The Danger of Wise Men
5 The Problem of Looking at Outward Appearance
6 The Use of God's Wisdom
7 Legitimate Wisdom
8 Reactions to Wisdom
9 A Misconception of the Ministry
10 The Pastor's Duty
11 A Messaage to Ministers
12 Proof of the Ministry
13 A Motivation for Ministry
14 The Paradox of Pride
15 The Problems of Pride
16 Principles of Church Discipline
17 The Problem of Settling Disputes
18 The Christian and His Body
19 The Principle of Profanity
20 The Christian and Marriage
21 Contentment in Marriage
22 Operating in the Gray Areas
23 Principles of Finance
24 Relinquishing Rights
25 The Danger of Disapproval
26 The Danger of Deception
27 Liberty With Love
28 A Message to the Angels
29 The Misuse of the Lord's Supper
30 The Memorial in the Lord's Supper
31 The Importance of Spiritual Gifts
32 The Baptism of the Holy Spirit
33 Discovering Spiritual Gifts
34 A Description of Spiritual Gifts - Part I
35 A Description of Spiritual Gifts - Part II
36 The Preeminence of Love
37 Perfections of Love
38 Permanence of Love
39 The Importance of Preaching
40 The Proper Purpose of Tongues
41 The Proper Pursuit of Worship
42 The Ministry of Women
43 Declaration of the Gospel
44 Results of the Resurrection
45 Reality of the Resurrection
46 Daily Results of the Resurrection
47 The Glorified Body
48 An Examination of Stewardship
49 Concluding Comments

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