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Living Bible Studies is a grace ministry, meaning that it is supported by believers as they are led by the Holy Spirit. Therefore, there is no charge for the services of this ministry. For those services with a direct cost, we do provide an indication of that cost for your use as a guide to giving if you wish. However, a donation is not required.

An exception to the statement above is our book distribution. We have begun to publish books through bookstores. For books printed on paper, distribution through bookstores is easier for those who want to obtain a copy of our books and removes a burden from our staff. We do receive a publishers royalty on these books. eBooks are also sold through bookstores so that customers can obtain these books in the most convenient way. eBooks carry the lowest price that the stores will permit and we receive a small royalty from those sales.

Although Living Bible Studies is a ministry of Abilene Bible Church, it is financially separate. Church funds are not used in the operation of Living Bible Studies. Most of our financial support comes from the people to whom we minister.

If you would like information on Christian giving, the following Bible studies on the subject available on this site:

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